Candlelit Terrace Bar: An Ambient Night in London with Light Jazz

“Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of a candlelit terrace bar overlooking the stunning London skyline at night. This film transports you to a serene urban oasis, where the flickering candlelight and the city’s luminous glow create a mesmerizing atmosphere. Accompanied by soothing light jazz music, it’s the perfect backdrop for relaxation, an intimate evening, or simply to enjoy the beauty of London after dark. Let the gentle rhythms and the panoramic views unwind your mind, offering a unique escape into the night.

Using Midjourney, I created this Terrace Bar image. Then I animated it in Runway, using their new Gen2 motion brush. Music was selected and licensed from Epidemic Sound.

This video was produced for my Aurora Dreaming YouTube channel with the objective of collecting views, watch hours and subscribers in order to achieve monetisation of the channel.


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