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5. Editing Content

If you have rights for a directory, you should see the yello navigation bar with contents, view and sharing tabs.

You will often have to retract a document before you can edit it. To retract the document, select "retract" from the status dropdown list on the right hand side of the yellow navigation bar.

You will see that "edit" and "properties" tabs appear and that the status of the document has changed to visible.

Select the "edit" tab.

Make whatever changes you want to to the document and click "save" at the bottom.

After you have edited the document, you must set it's status from "visible" to "publish" or "submit". To do this select from the status droplist on the right hand side of the yellow navigation bar.

Whether or not you have rights to publish directly or submit the edited document to the directory reviewer will depend on the access rights you have been granted.

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