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Part 2 - Adding and changing order of content

Adding Content

First select the folder you want to add content to from the dark grey navigation panel on the left-hand of the screen (in this example we are adding a document to the "What's On" section.).

Click "add new item" from the bar of white links and select "document" from the drop list of options.

Alternatively, you can opt to add new content from the "contents" screen.

Choose a short name (I recommend all lower case and no spaces). Enter a title, description and body text for the document.

Click save at the bottom of the page. (Structured text is fine as a format option. You can change to html if you need to use it)

Your document wont be visible under the section contents to the general public until you change the document status to from visible to 'published'.


Changing order of content

In order to change the order of items displayed in the contents for a folder, go to the "contents" screen and use the up and down arrows next to each item to put them in the desired display order.

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