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27/6/03 New screenshots on this site

Contact: webmaster@hwarena.com


Some commonly asked questions about Hardware: Online Arena. If you have a question, or some information, please send it to webmaster@hwarena.com or post on the message board.

What sort of game is this?

Hardware: Online Arena is based around vehicular combat. It features a range of vehicles including jeeps, tanks and buggies.

What game types are supported?

The game features up deathmatch and king of the hill modes.

How many can play?

Up to sixteen.

What do I need to play?

A PS2 console, the broadband adapter, a memory card and the game disk.

Anything else?

A broadband connection! If you live in the UK providers such as BT, NTL, BlueYonder and Freeserve will be able to get you online.

I live outside the UK? Who can help get me connected?

Not me I'm afraid. If anyone wants to contribute advice for other countries please get in touch <...>

When is the game due out?

Autumn 2003. Beta trials are already in progress.

When is the broadband adapter due out?

Now! The adapter was launched in Europe on 11th June.

What consoles formats will be supported?

PS2 only.

What does the game look like?

Fantastic! Check out our regularly updated screenshots gallery.