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Developers of the Internet database for rescued pets in shelters across the UK

"Putting Intelligence Online"

Introducing Artificia ....

Artificia is a consultancy and development company, specialising in web database systems, Omnis development and the application of artificial intelligence to business challenges.  We offer:

  • Omnis contract development
  • Database-driven web sites (from on-line reporting to complex database systems with multiple interfaces)
  • Content Management System (CMS) websites - including Plone.
  • Website design
  • Search engine promotion and web marketing services

**NEW** Free and low-cost website hosting

We are now able to offer free and low-cost website hosting as a reseller:

"We want to be able to update our own website"

With web sites playing an increasingly important and central role, organisations are wanting websites that they can update and control the content on themselves. Often the people doing the updating are not programmers, although sometimes they are. A content management system puts anyone in control of and able to contribute to their website.

For non-programmers, a CMS makes it possible to control website content. For programmers and IT professionals, a CMS provides a design framework, makes updating fast and efficient and enables them to share content management with less technical colleagues.

For corporate customers, a CMS provides an easy way to publish news and press releases, as well as an ideal way to keep product and service information fresh and updated. Artificia can provide a CMS website with a workflow system that gives users different access rights, including a range of publish, review/approval and retract capabilities.

This year, Artificia has delivered two content management systems - one to a theatre company and another to a school and college of further education. (Case studies follow below.)

News : Artificia launches

Content Management System websiteHardware-Arena is a shopping directory that brings together the hottest deals in hardware for computer, gaming (PlayStation, X-Box, Wii etc) as well as digital photography, USB and remote control devices.

Artificia built this system using Joomla as the main content management system, with Virtuemart as the shopping cart/directory and CJ Catalog Builder as the seemless link with Commission Junction. Thus the site advertises a large catalog of products for sale by other retailers and makes it's money by acting as an associate marketer, via Commission Junction. 

Similar sites could be created to target any market! Contact us for details and a quote. This system is effectively a money tree! Just plant by launching the site, water with regular additions to the product catalog and watch the commission revenue blossom!

You can visit the site at:

News : Artificia delivers CMS website for School

Content Management System websiteTolworth Girls School and Centre for Continuing Education contracted with Artificia to produce a website capable of delivering a range of content and media to present the work and activities of their school. They needed to be able to upload content such as pictures, vidoes, sound files, text, files and manage the site themselves. The users that would do this included office staff, IT staff, teachers and pupils.

Using Plone, Artificia was able to deliver a website controlled by a Content Management System, along with on and off-site training and support for a range of staff and potential content managers. The site has been embraced well and is already show casing pupil's work in a ground breaking way that is catching the attention of other schools and colleges.

You can visit the site at:

Artificia produced userguides/tutorials for the Content Management System: <1> <2> <3>

News : Artificia creates website for musician/songwriter, Victor Chetcuti

Content Management System website Artificia created a website for Victor Chetcuti, with downloadable music clips from his two albums. Victor wanted a site where people could hear his music, buy his albums, learn a little about him and get in touch for live bookings - wherever he tours in the world. This site is an example of clean, functional but aesthetically pleasing design that conveys the spirit of the site owner and his product.

You can visit the site at:

News : Artificia produces CMS website for Theatre Company

Content Management System websiteHenfield Theatre Company wanted a new website - one that they could update themselves without knowing any html. Artificia used Plone technology to create them a website with a Content Management System that they now use to publish their own content.

You can visit the site at:

Artificia produced userguides/tutorials for the Content Management System: <1> <2>

News : Artificia creates online logistics system

Online Logistics Stock Management PortalArtificia built a web-based Stock Order Portal that enabled Flight Logistics clients to place and track orders of stock items and arrange for shipping of stock out of storage and out to their own customers. The system was built using Omnis Studio Webclient ultra-thin technology and interfaced with an existing Omnis database.

Artificia can build web based database systems or applications that provide web and browser based interfaces to a wide range of existing databases.

You can visit the site at:

News : Artificia builds automated invoicing system for Wilson Logistics

Logistics Automated Billing and Invoicing

Wilson Logistics needed a networked software application that would run on desktop machines, accessing a central database and connecting with the databases that managed their logistics business.

Prior to the software produced by Artificia, billing and invoicing was a highly complex operation that involved a large department of administrators. The succesful calculation of invoices was dependant on historical knowledge in the heads of those administrators.

Logistics Automated Billing and Invoicing

Artificia built an application which encapsulated the contractual agreements between Wilson Logistics and their clients, thus codifying the billing and enabling automated calculation of invoices based on highly complex and varied billing arrangements. The application drastically reduced the man power involved in the billing process.

Oh...and the software looked gorgeous too! Artificia prides itself on producing attractive and intuitive software that is both easy and pleasant to work with.

Wilson Logistics is now part of TNT

News : Artificia creates site for Widden Close Quarter Horses

Widden Close Quarter Horse website development29/07/04 : Artificia has created a brochure web site for Widden Close Quarter Horses. Widden Close Quarter Horses is set in the beautiful New Forest on the south coast of England. Owned by Christina Cassady, Widden Quarter Horses breeds and sells quality quarter horses.

You can visit the site at:


News : Artificia launches fan site for Sony's Hardware : Online Arena game

Hardware Online Arena Games site24/06/03 : Artificia launch a fan site they have designed to promote the PS2/Playstation game, Hardware : Online Arena. The site presents screenshots from the game, reviews, links and information about broadband gaming for PS2 as well as a discussion forum.

You can visit the site at:


News : RescuePet Developers

RescuePet HomepageArtificia are the creators and developers of the RescuePet Internet Database system.

RescuePet is a non-profit organisation, that provides a central system where UK rescue shelters can enter details of animals in need of good homes.  The public can then visit the site and search the database for the animal that best suits them.

Operational costs are raised through corporate sponsorship and affiliate marketing, however, the RescuePet Internet database is a free service for both shelters and public visitors.  The RescuePet system consists of two interfaces, one for the rescue shelters to use to upload details and photos of animals in their care and one for the public to use to search that database.

You can visit the RescuePet website now at:

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News : Omnis Technical Newsletter

Dr. Caroline Wilkins (Managing Director, Artificia) is an author for the Omnis Technical news.  In a series of 22 articles, she presented tutorials on Omnis Web Client, ultra-thin/html interface, web design and search engine promotion.


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